Emotional First Aid Kits … all natural, safe for kids to use



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Remember those times when you got into an argument with someone, when you had your heart broken, when you lost a loved one ? Didn’t you wish there was a magic balm or an ointment that could take the pain away ….. heal the hurt …. and make you whole again?

Here are some of my favorite “do it yourself” emotional remedies that you can easily add to your First Aid Kit at home.  I will be making short posts on the gazallion benefits of each of these emotional salves, disinfectants, and immunity builders. Take a look!

Book Announcement! Title: How to Build Dreams Fearlessly


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Hi Guys!

Here’s some exciting news for children and parents.

This book was born out of firsthand teaching experiences with children.

Please share with others. Many thanks.

Forgiveness – A Lot Easier Than It Seems


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The idea of forgiving someone who we believe has wronged us can seem intolerable. Unfair. An egregious assault on the very concept of decency.

And yet not doing so keeps one in a state of anger, hate and helplessness. All of which can quickly add up to a sickly body and a strained brain.

The response most favored (at least by Hollywood) is to maintain a steadfast attitude of vindictiveness, pouncing on every available opportunity to attack, undermine, violate or manipulate the offender.

And thus begins a Marriage of Inconvenience. Bit by bit eating into the joy that you were actually born with and have the right to experience, expand and share.

So why might one continue with this toxic engagement ? Several false beliefs regarding the nature of forgiveness.

FB 1: Forgiving someone means you approve of their actions.

FB 2: Forgiving someone means what they did was not “that bad’.

FB 3: Forgiving someone means you have to be friends with the person.

FB 4: Forgiving someone means that you weren’t “that badly hurt” by the experience.

FB 5: Forgiving someone makes you look like a “pushover”

FB 6: Forgiving someone means you have to inform that person that you forgive them.

FB 7: The person doesn’t “deserve” to be forgiven.

No. No. No. No. No. No. And wasteful much?

Each of these beliefs will be addressed in a forthcoming post. But for now, simply consider how you might feel if these beliefs didn’t exist.

Hint: Forgiveness has very little to do with the other person.

Let’s say someone you knew in the past insulted you, once each day, for 3 years. That’s 365×3 painful events. Big number.

Let’s now say you recall and relive one insult, once, each day of your life for the next 30 years. That’s 365×30 painful events. Much bigger number.

It’s a free will choice. To accumulate more and more of such self-generated unhappy events or to wash the muck away before it starts to poison every moment of our lives.

To Be or Not to Be Unhappy. That is the question.

If you’d like to get past the unhappy past and recover your strength and wellbeing, here’s a fantastic guided self-healing technique:


Until the next post.

Stay Empowered.

Healing is a Choice.
Image source: http://clipart-library.com/clipart/417290.htm

Seeking Happiness? Dream bigger!



This goal of being happy seems to be the one thing that unites all humans.

A pay raise, a movie, a date, that designer dress, that gadget, that sport, that video game. There appear to be an infinite number of ways in which one might experience happiness.

Some of these flavours of happiness last longer than others.

And going by the hours spent on social media it seems the shorter-lasting ones, arguably the least effortful, seem to be the most popular.

New experiences and additional rewards (however minuscule – “Likes” and Game points!) provide one with a type of pleasure that has a definite shelf life.

We’ve all experienced this sort of happiness which is tied to some external object, individual or event.

But joy? What is joy?

We have all sorts of terms to describe joy. Sometimes joy is taken to mean a deeper level of happiness, say one associated with loving relationships.

You will need to experience the energy — not the emotion — the energy of joy to know what it is.

I can tell you from my personal experience that joy is like this cocoon of love. It feels like you’ve been flooded with oxygen. It feels exhilarating and deeply relaxing at the same time. There is clarity of thought and answers to problems just flow into one’s brain. Aches and pains feel distant. There is a feeling of quiet confidence.

Okay, so these are just more words to describe joy.

If you’d like to experience the energy of JOY for yourself, and an even deeper and higher level called Bliss, then try doing these guided techniques at home.

Imagine being able to wrap yourself in joy anytime you wish — regardless of whatever is going on in your life, regardless of how rich you are, how pretty you are, how many friends you have, how challenging your circumstances are.

Any of these do-it-at-home guided techniques will flood you with the energies of Joy.

  1. https://store.loveenergytechniques.org/a-new-way-to-forgiveness-inner-peace-and-happiness/
  2. https://store.loveenergytechniques.org/guided-bilocation-meditation/
  3. https://store.loveenergytechniques.org/creating-sacred-healing-waters/

JOY is your personal Angel Shawl !

Try it when you get a chance. Happiness is just the beginning. There’s so much more to experience.

Thanks for reading.


Paying Your Dues – Professionally & Emotionally


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You sometime hear people in the early stages of their careers use the expression “paying my dues” to describe their struggles with poorly paying jobs, ill-fitting jobs, exploitative bosses, mentors who steal their ideas, back-biting colleagues and all the other challenges that can arise when one has just started out, professionally.

These less-than-happy experiences at work are both expected and appreciated for the tremendous growth they can trigger.

Early job challenges are said to “build character”.

Anne Hathway’s character in the “The Devil Wears Prada” experiences these career challenges keenly, when she is forced to settle for a job that she believes she is much too good for. She finds herself carrying out a variety of menial jobs at odds with her college education, being ridiculed for her appearance and being chastised for her incompetence over seemingly impossible tasks. The daily dose of ire and contempt helps her evolve into a true problem solving professional which she ultimately comes to appreciate.

And yet we resist paying our dues outside the workplace.

We don’t just get upset at the unfairness, the lack of respect, the betrayals, the hate and any of the other curve balls that come our way. We stay upset.

Suppose we apply the concept of paying one’s dues to our emotional advancement?

An angel is just a human who has learnt the ropes of emotional maturity.

But the way you become a fully fledged angel and more is by choosing emotionally mature responses to emotionally stressful experiences.

We do this until our default reaction is that of equanimity and therefore our response is the one that helps us and others.

The experience of disrespect might mean you learn to forgive the other person, that you learn to stand up for yourself or that you learn to value yourself, as you are, and to stop seeking validation from others. Each of these genuinely enhances one’s angel-quotient.

Workplace dues can become easier to pay off by spending time with a friend.

Life’s emotional dues too can be paid off more easily by talking to a friend.

Here are some friends who can actually remove the stress of life’s emotional dues:

Guided Bilocation Meditation to Quickly and Effectively Remove Stress

Resolving Karmic Debts and Removing Love Energy Blockages

A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness

Karma and karmic events are not punishments. They are your life dues helping you become the Angel that you are.

Thanks for reading.


Leaking Stress and Blocked Sewage Pipes – Be the strong, loving person you once were!


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There’s only so much stress one can stuff into the recesses of the mind.

Acting with decency or even basic courtesy can become increasingly effortful if one doesn’t regularly cleanse one’s stress.

What is stress? Any experience of anger, fear, self-doubt, irritation, jealousy, vengefulness creates stress in the body and the brain.

These may seem like “normal” reactions but if we ignore them, allow them to remain stored inside us they end up creating ‘subnormal’ behaviors — attacking people, wanting others to fail, being unable to take pleasure in the joys of others, feeling slighted.

One can suppress one’s stress, put on a facade of integrity and politeness but the pain from all those unpleasant memories will start to leak out.

You are a fantastic person. It’s your stress that is hiding your shine!

These leaks can take the form of habitual yelling, constant attention to flaws in others and oneself, irritability, doubting others’ intentions, paranoia about being disrespected and more.

Notice how stress begets more stress.

Before you know it you will have turned into the type of person you never wanted to be.

So many kind and sincere people fall prey to the effects of uncleansed stress.

Uncleaned stress is a blocked sewerage pipe.

Remember the time when you felt strong, filled with hope and kindness towards all ?

You can recover that wonderful, powerful, sincere wholesomeness simply by doing a daily cleanse of the day’s stress. Arguments with bosses or spouses, a romantic mishap, a tough school assignment, regret over a poor choice? They all need to go!

Start by cleansing old painful memories and then add a quick stress cleanse practice to your daily routine.

Here are a couple of stress removal and stress healing techniques you can practice in the comfort and privacy of your home.

For cleansing old traumas and unpleasant memories:

A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness

Resolving Karmic Debts and Removing Love Energy Blockages (my fav!)

For day to day stress cleansing:

The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light

Try these when you get a chance.

Thanks for reading.


Parental Rejection: Not what you think!

So many have experienced parental rejection, at one time or another.

Disapproving moms, dissatisfied dads.

Parents who seem cold and distant with you, but light up when your sibling appears.

Moms and Dads who insist on declaring their deep and undying appreciation for … the neighbour’s kid!

You grow up trying to play the violin while doing a headstand, in the hope of finally making it into the rarified realms of parental acceptance.

You do a deep dive into philosophy, money making, ballet, ventriloquism, whatever bubble allows you to breathe, to be your own little glowworm. A tiny part of you wishes they would care. They don’t. But you carry on.

Then one day you run into someone who reminds you of your mom, your dad. Crash! All that fear and anger comes blowing back.

But this time you’re not helpless. This time around you have a punching bag, ready for all the things you couldn’t say to your parents, things to put them in their place and elevate your own.

Seems reasonable and “natural”…. until you consider that parental rejection may in fact be a form of self-rejection by parents !

Guilt over parenting mistakes can make a parent avoid the child who reminds them of these lapses. This would look a lot like rejection, right?

It’s your forgiveness they may be seeking. But help them first forgive themselves.

The next time you feel rejected by a parent consider that they might be reeling under the weight of self-judgement.

Help them heal with these beautiful love-energized guided techniques:

  1. Resolving Karmic Debts and Removing Love Energy Blockages https://store.loveenergytechniques.org/resolving-karmic-debts-and-removing-love-energy-blockages/
  2. A New Way to Forgivness and Inner Peace https://store.loveenergytechniques.org/a-new-way-to-forgiveness-inner-peace-and-happiness/

Heard of making lemonade from lemons?

Well, here’s a way to make LOVE from lemons.

Parental rejection could just be a form of parental "self rejection". Help them heal and grow in Love with them. https://store.loveenergytechniques.org/a-new-way-to-forgiveness-inner-peace-and-happiness/
Make LOVE from lemons using forgiveness and self healing love energized guided meditations.


Actual Rainbow or the Holograph of a Rainbow ?


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Technology is fabulous, right? High definition entertainment at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. Anywhere. Anytime.

Who wants to go out and look at the blue sky or a rainbow that appears after a rain shower. Boring, right?

How lucky kids today are! They never have to go out. They’ll never need to look at an actual rainbow, that distant fuzzy formation made of dust and light. Nothing like the zillion pixel resolution of the CGI rainbow on their screens.

Seamless Pattern - Multicolored Roses on Black Background.

Rainbows are appearing less and less frequently around the planet. And all thanks to the wonders of wireless signals.

Why would anyone want their child to experience an actual rainbow, anyway ?

Here’s why!

Indradhanush translates to “Indra’s Bow

The Significance of the Indradhanush https://www.facebook.com/LoveEnergyTechniques/photos/a.566408190066778/4189075771133317/


Regret is a painful energy for both parties!


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Hello All,

Back after another longish break.

We have all made mistakes that we felt awful about. An initial feeling of regret is normal. But beating ourselves up about it and reliving the horror of the experience is highly inadvisable. It doesn’t just lower your consciousness, your energy and your health ultimately, it hurts the object of this regret.

Surprising, right? Regret is an unhealthy, sickly energy that can be experienced by the recipient. One’s regret becomes a source of distress and physical discomfort for the other person. They may not be aware of the source of this discomfort but that energy is going out to them.

Bottomline: Regret is not LOVE, certainly not Unconditional Love which can heal !

Replace regret with healing unconditional love ... that's the answer to everything!
Cleanse regret. Make room for love.

Cleansing the traumatic energy of the unpleasant experience using love energized techniques would be the best way to help the other person and oneself. Once cleansed we become able to do good things for the other person. We become able to ask for forgiveness without self-judgement, ego, shame or any expectations, really.

Here’s a really great love energized technique that one can download and use at home. What’s more the sale of this guided technique helps to meet the food and educational needs of young children in the challenged communities of Africa. Try it. You will LOVE it. Incidentally it can be used for great healing by both the regret-er and the regret-ee ! How superb is that!



Image Source: https://www.pinclipart.com/maxpin/ibhTmix/

Cool Bilocation Meditation for Self Healing !


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Here’s an interesting post on the concept of Bilocations, examples of instances in history and how one may experience a Bilocation Meditation for one’s self healing.

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/LoveEnergyTechniques/photos/a.566408190066778/5385730221467860/

Natural Cancer Healing – DIY At Home or at a Love Center Near You!


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Visit this natural cancer healing website for a wonderful experience, from looking at their beautiful, uplifting, spiritual pictures, reading about the true reason for cancer, why some with cancer causing genes do not develop cancer while others do, to discovering a unique set of Unconditional Love Energized Healing Techniques and Tools for healing from cancer and placing it into remission.

Main Website:  http://www.cancerhealing.org 

Here is an excerpt:

“There are two very different approaches to healing cancer and both have side effects. The side effects of Natural Love Energy Treatments are happiness, Joy and Bliss. The side effects of chemo therapy’s unnatural chemicals and nuclear radiation are nausea, vomiting, hair loss, death, etc.

Our Natural Love Energy Treatments are able to heal both the cause and the effect of cancer. Chemo’s unnatural chemicals and nuclear radiation can only place the effect of cancer in remission because chemo only works on the effect not the cause or source of cancer.” (From: http://www.cancerhealing.org/natural-love-energy-cancer-treatments.htm)

Here is a sample list of links for you to explore and enjoy! But there’s lots more to discover on the website!

Advanced Wisdom and Cancer Healing Love Energy Techniques

Love Energized Healing Crystals

Love Energized Cancer Healing Crystal Sculptures

Love Energized Cancer Healing Salve

Wearable Love Energized Cancer Healing Crystal Soul Lover Bracelet

If you wish to please share with those in need of healing help and who seek natural healing solutions.

Thank You!


Guided Bilocation Meditation to Quickly and Effectively Remove Stress. DiY At Home !


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Visit to learn more about how this recording is to be used and its tremendous benefits: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/guided-bilocation-meditation-to-remove-stress/

How does stress really end up causing health problems ?

How does stress interact with karma ?

For clarity producing answers do please take a look at this wonderful article: http://www.merkaba.org/karma-and-stress-cause-99-of-health-problems/

Share with those in need of deep stress relief nurses, teachers, parents, bullied co-workers, over-worked bosses, caregivers of the elderly & the infirm, those with chronic illnesses, returning soldiers, survivors of various natural and human-caused small & large scale disasters. 

This is also the way to prevent accumulation of stress and to prevent future health disorders.

Thanks and Cheers!

Old relationship patterns playing “on repeat” ? Help is here.


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Do you find yourself experiencing a particular kind of relationship challenge …. over and over again ?

This could be a situation that comes up repeatedly with your significant other … or one that reappears in each new relationship.

Why might this be happening?

One possibility is that we continue to resist the experience … meaning:

a) we get stressed about it … angry, sad or fearful.

b) we look for ways to quickly get out of the situation

c) we try and identify external causes that led to this situation

In some cases we may sincerely try and change our own behavior or thinking ….  so  … we don’t experience that familiar painful incident again.

However this attempt to change oneself could be thought of as Part b of the healing process.  There is a Part a that needs to be done too.

So what might Part a involve? Accepting this painful experience as a paying off of a karmic debt.

Getting upset means ….. we haven’t really accepted the experience …. as something that we have earned … for ourselves. So then what happens? We go through the experience again … and again … until we accept responsibility for this pain … without feeling low about it.

Note this feeling of lowness ….. includes the feeling of regret too.

A side effect … of not accepting  …. the karmic debt repayment? Stress accumulation through the emotions of anger, sadness, fear or regret … leading to various health disorders.

So the next time that old familiar situation pops up … take a deep breath and say “I give thanks for this experience which is a karmic debt repayment for my past mistakes.”

Say. Feel it.

And say NO to sadness … NO to fear … NO to anger … NO to regret … in that moment. 

Say NO to … adding more … to your current store of painful emotions.

Focus on a simple acceptance of the experience … without analysis.

And if you do … succumb to these negative emotions in that moment … don’t self-judge. That too would be a karmic experience ! Accept with thanks.

And if you do … find yourself getting into self judgement … again don’t feel low … accept this too as another karmic debt repayment … or perhaps a spiritual test!

And if you fail repeatedly … to do the above … again accept it as a karmic debt repayment experience!

It might take some practice.

There’s help.

For more on how to … cleanse stored pain … and … clear karmic debts:

  1. A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness
  2. Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties, Sever Energetic Attachments and Remove Phobias

For more info on karma and a karma cleansing fire ceremony:

  1. The Truth about Karma and Reincarnation

For info on Love Energized Relationships: http://www.loveenergycenters.org/love-energized-relationship

For info on how stress and karma interact to cause health disorders: http://www.merkaba.org/karma-and-stress-cause-99-of-health-problems/

Sacred Healing Salves: http://www.merkaba.org/sacred-healing-salves/

First Aid Tip: Use the … Stress Relief Salve … shown above … in that moment … when you start to feel low. This will soothe you and help you move towards acceptance.

Thanks for reading. Share, if you like. Have a good Valentine’s Day.


Karma & Stress Cause 99% of Health Problems …. 5 Healing Solutions


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Karma and Stress Cause 99% of Health Problems

Karma and Stress Cause 99% of Health Problems (Reproduced from http://www.merkaba.org/karma-and-stress-cause-99-of-health-problems/)

The following is an excerpt:

“It is a fact that Stress and Karma cause 99% of human health problems.

Please realize karma for actions in your last lifetime was recorded in the DNA of your physical body at conception.

As explained in our “Karma” recording, before birth, you chose your physical body and parents knowing the karmic strengths and weaknesses in the DNA of your physical body.

Life as an adult means stressful events will regularly occur to you in today’s hectic digital world.

How you handle and resolve stress filled events will determine whether or not you store karma from this life as “stress” in your body.

Stress is stored in the genetically and karmically weakest areas of a human body and begins activating past life karma to cause health problems.

Karma from past lifetimes is repaid by incarnating in a body that has major health problem causing combinations in the DNA genes.

Life is a series of free will choices, thus angry or regretful responses by people to a stressful event and later whenever reminded of it, activates karmic debt repayment energies in your DNA that will begin causing you health problems.

Continue on …. to the original article ….. to learn more ….. about karma and …. how to …. self heal yourself of ….. karma and stress related ….. health problems ….. with 

a) Guided Bilocation Meditation for Cutting Karmic Ties

b) Guided Bilocation Meditation for Stress 

c) Sacred Healing Salves so people may self heal themselves at home from a variety of health problems including new salves for Stress and Cancer 

d) Healing Crystal Sculptures

e) Personal healings from Enlightened Healers

Original Article Here: http://www.merkaba.org/karma-and-stress-cause-99-of-health-problems/

Thank you for reading.



Lesser Known Signs of Low Self Esteem & Solutions


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Without further ado ….

1. Have you ever experienced being accused of something that you didn’t do?

Example: You are house sitting for someone, an old acquaintance for whom you have provided this paid service for years. The person returns home, smells something funny and simply tells you not to smoke inside the house. And you are someone who has never touched a ciggie. Whaaa ?? It’s like they’re meeting you for the first time!

How do you feel when something like this happens ? Overwhelmed ? mind goes blank?  heartbroken? self righteous? betrayed?

Low Self Esteem.

You don’t love yourself … so your self esteem depends on how others perceive you.

2. Have you ever experienced the realization that you have made a mistake?

And do you … either

…….. desperately begin looking for explanations that will put you in the right ?


…….. feel devastated and turn severely self-judgemental ?

Low Self Esteem. Both.

3. Have you ever experienced good fortune ….. and thought “I am special. The universe favours me.” …. a bit like in that movie “Just My Luck” ?

The need to feel “special”. Low Self Esteem.

All experiences are earned … good and bad ones, both. You do the work. You get the result. Just work. And consequences. Like everyone else.

Solution: Remove previously experienced unpleasant emotional energies … remove emotional dependence … develop a balanced response to experiences (good or bad) … will all lead to improved self esteem.

HOW to do this ?

Use this self esteem builder toolkit:

  1. Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties, Sever Energetic Attachments and Remove Phobias 

  2. The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light

  3. A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness

Thanks for reading and sharing.



Parent & Parents-to-be: Prevent & Remove Inherited Phobias


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Hello All,

Here’s an update on inherited phobias and what you can do about them.

An earlier post “Parents … Phobias May be Inherited , Getting Emotionally Fit For Your Childdescribed a recent study that showed how the … memory of a fear inducing experience … can be passed down multiple generations … producing the same fear based response in the offspring … without any exposure to the original cause.

So the pain of emotionally disturbing experiences can be inherited from our parents and grandparents … fear, sadness, self doubt, anger …..  unbalanced responses that have become a habit.

So what can one do to get healthy … emotionally ?

If you are  thinking of starting a family … or having another child … you may like to do some extra prep work … by cleansing yourself of all negative emotions accumulated over the years … through a variety of stressful situations ….. or through your own inheritance.

Do the techniques explained in these extremely relaxing and powerful visualization based meditations which also include wisdom about the true meaning of often-heard spiritual term concepts:

  1. A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness This meditation provides techniques to change the way we respond to familiar stressful situations … so we no longer get worked up and lose our energy … but instead have a more balanced response and conserve our energy … which in turn …. allows us to have more energy to deal with new situations.
  2. Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties, Sever Energetic Attachments and Remove Phobias  This meditation comes with 3 Love Energized crystals … attuned to each person who orders the recording. So you would not allow others to touch your 3 crystals … and most important … you would listen to the recording ONLY AFTER receiving the 3 Love Energized crystals and NOT BEFORE. This is Important.

What if your children are already adults ?  No worries! They can do the above 2 meditations to cleanse and heal themselves of inherited pain!

NOTE: There is no need to feel upset with yourself if you think you may have passed on some less than happy emotions to your children. Why? One word: Karma.  Understand how karma works by listening to and doing the techniques in the The Truth About Karma and Reincarnation recording.

Enjoy your self healing!

Thank you for reading.

Pocket Relief For Headaches


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You know how your head feels after you’ve spent an hour in traffic ?

… When you’ve been entertaining guests … talking … listening for ages ?

… When you’ve been thinking about something … mentally talking to yourself ?

… That heavy feeling … a kind of dull pressure ?

I’ve found the following to be the best remedy ever…. a recording with sounds… that feel like they’re  blasting away… pockets of congestion … in the head.

Best to listen to it at home.

I use a tiny mp3 player with earphones.

So download the Guided Bilocation Meditation to Quickly and Effectively Remove Stress  and feel the stress melt away.  

Best not to carry your stress forward by even a single day !

From: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/cds-downloads-books/

Thanks for reading.

1 Sided Karma ? No.


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The other day I happened to see a shared quotation on a social networking site, about people who create problems for others.

There was a response to the effect that such trouble makers will face their own karmic consequences and that it is best to not get worked up about such people.

Yes … actions have consequences.

But……. this doesn’t only apply to the trouble maker in question.

Even the person on the receiving end of trouble …. is … currently facing the consequences of their actions.

So karma consequences are in play …… for both parties…. the “bad guy” and the “good guy”.

This would be something to remember when faced with a difficult person or situation.

Do you find yourself facing the same challenging situation … again and again? This could be an indication of a karmic tie or a karmic debt repayment situation.

Learn more about karmic ties… AND …. cut karmic ties …. in this amazing downloadable …. Guided Meditation at a Love Sanctuary.

The Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties comes with 3 Love Energized Healing crystals attuned to each individual who orders the recording (see pic below).

Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties

You can also read about some of the experiences people have had with the Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties at the link above.

Thanks for reading.

Regret Attracts Emotional Bottom Feeders

Okay, so you end up doing something stupid, maybe even something horrible.

You realize you’ve messed up. Good.

You want to make things right. Great.

You start thinking of ways to make ammends … small steps. Excellent.

You relive your awful actions regularly. Ooops.

You walk about with that sick feeling in your stomach. Dangerous.

You believe you must feel regretful, proof you’re a good person. No. No. No.

Regret doesn’t automatically make one a good person.

It’s natural to feel some regret after an improper act…. but …. holding on to regret could be an indication of being ego-motivated, of perhaps harboring the belief that one is above making mistakes.

Regret is not Love. It is misery.

Question: Who feeds on misery?

Answer: Emotional bottom feeders … those who cannot tolerate Love and Joy…. those who feed on others’ anger, fear and regret.

Holding on to regret … makes one a target for emotional bottom feeders… who encourage  misery (remember those negative thoughts and voices that make you feel worse and worse?) … so they can drain people.


A 4 Step Solution:

  1. Accept that we have weaknesses with a lot of scope to improve. And we can !
  2. Understand that each time we felt superior about our goodness and sent out the energy of judgement towards another person… we acquired a karmic debt. And actions have consequences… yes?  So best to avoid judgement. 
  3. Cut Karmic Ties …… and Sever Energetic Attachments …. to emotional bottom feeders using the super powerful Love Energy Techniques in this recording … which comes with 3 Unconditional Love Energized crystals … attuned to each individual user: Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties, Sever Energetic Attachments and Remove Phobias.
  4. You will love listening to this recording and doing the self healing and self help techniques and this will, in turn, make you a more loving person … less prone to stupid mistakes. Recommend doing the Guided Bilocation Meditation everyday.

(Note: Some might choose to hold on to the misery of regret due to a false belief that equates lack of Joy with goodness, based on brainwashing by those who seek control over others. That’s for another post but Love and fear/anger/regret cannot occupy the same space.)

Remember: Emotional bottom feeders lurk looking to feed on the energies of anger, fear and regret. So it is best to stay clean and safe with love.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share with others.


Difficulties: It’s Not You, It’s Me.


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This is what I have found.

No matter how sucky a time I am having …. and no matter how many external causes I can identify …. I am the creator of my difficult experiences.

Past actions … choices … lead to consequences. Immature choices will lead to difficult experiences. That’s payment of karmic debts.

You might disagree … and say that your difficulties are the result of others’ mistakes.

But this wouldn’t really help. At best you would experience the same difficulty over and over. At worst you might get more and more unhappy and begin to attack those you consider responsible … make more mistakes …. acquire further karmic debts… experience additional difficulties.

So ….. if you have been struggling with one or more challenges 

  • ….. if you are willing to accept that your difficulties are the result of your own mistakes
  • ….. if you would now like to remove karmic ties to the past… start life afresh
  • ….. then the following set of techniques would be ……..  the way forward.

The Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties, Sever Energetic Attachments and Remove Phobias is a very powerful self healing and self help tool. It would be best to give yourself sufficient time to work with this recording without interruptions … and without jumping back into activity soon after.

Have you been helped by the Guided Bilocation Meditation? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and sharing with those in need of help.

Teaming Up with your Guardian Angel … to Tackle Dis-empowerment


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Dis-empowerment can take many forms, some more obvious than others. 

2 Examples:

1. Remember that comment by a neighbour or family member that you turned the full force of your attention towards ? 

You got irritated … said a few choice swear words in your mind … blasted them mentally for their behavior … their appearance … their upbringing … getting angrier and angrier … swept down into a storm of hate … until you crossed the line … and started wishing for bad things to happen to them …

2. Remember that comment by a neighbour or family member that you turned the full force of your attention towards ?

Your heart sank … you started to feel stupid, embarassed … you were reminded of the time when you made a huge ass of yourself … people looking at you with pity, others mocking you … all your fears of being inferior in some way rising to choke you …  until you find yourself paralyzed by self doubt in all the things you attempt …

Both of these are examples of going … from being human to being animal-like … attack or curl up in a ball of fear … back to the fight or flight response of a chimpanzee. De-evolution . Dis-empowerment. 

So how can your Guardian Angel help ?

First … how does a bit of irritation turn into anger and hate … slight embarassment into a habit of fear and self doubt ?

Irritation or embarassment if allowed to stay … can invite harmful influences … that magnify and thrive on these emotions … pushing one towards weaker ways of being … much like garbage if allowed to stay … can invite rodents and insects … bringing disease and destruction.

Guardian Angels can protect one from these types of harmful influences….

Provided … you … your brain … makes a Free Will Choice … to work with your Guardian Angel … instead of permitting these harmful influences … work to remove the garbage … that makes it easy for these harmful influences to come close.

How does one meet one’s Guardian Angel ? Learn how …here.

Thanks for reading!


Why Help a “Foreign” Child?


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Okay, this is a weird question to ask. Or so one would think.

But it does come up occasionally.

During a recent attempt to help raise support for kids in Africa I was asked by a person why they shouldn’t help the kids of their own country instead of the kids of another country.

Three Reasons:

1) You’re already helping dozens of foreign countries!  .

No matter which country you live in you are already contributing to the financial well being of at least one foreign country. How? Look at all the “Made in Y foreign country” products lining the shelves of your home markets. It’s nearly impossible in the present to get by solely on “Made in my country” products.

So if one is happy to buy foreign products can one not bring food to a foreign child ?

2) Are you the lucky recipient of foreign aid ? .

There are so many countries that receive aid from foreign governments towards their development.

So if one belongs to a country that is fortunate enough to receive foreign aid … can one not offer aid to a foreign child ?

3) Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam  ….. eh what?

This is an excerpt from a verse that appears in the ancient texts, the Upanishads of India, and means “The World is Family”. It describes the attributes of one who has evolved beyond the idea of “X is family … Y is a stranger.” into a state of mature generosity that views the entire world as a family.

So can we not go beyond helping just family/friends … go from living in a …… Global Marketplace to a Global Family ?

So … Global Marketplace …. OR …. Global Family ?

A Free Will Choice.

Thanks for reading !

January 1st is Global Family Day !!!


Just $1 … that’s all we ask !

Christmas Magic! You don’t have to be rich to enrich another’s life!


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Here’s an opportunity for even the most economically challenged among us to experience the  JOY of service in the proper way!

Anyone can spare $1……. yes?  Yup … Super easy!

Anyone can ask a close friend for $1……. yes? Yup … Painless!

That’s it ! That is ALL each of us needs to do !

It doesn’t have to be a dollar. It can be one unit of your local currency.

Would be wonderful … if you could consider helping in this way!

Your help supports … early childhood development …. adult and child education …. and perma-culture food gardens.

Go here to make your $1 donation: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/donation/

Ekukhanyeni Relief Project's photo.

Our little ones are enjoying a nap on their last day of school for the year. Each of our children grew to shine in so many ways throughout 2015 and we are so proud of all of their accomplishments. We wish you all a fun and safe holiday.” Source: http://www.facebook.com/EkukhanyeniReliefProject

Enjoy more heartwarming examples of Love in Action: https://www.facebook.com/EkukhanyeniReliefProject

Thanks for reading … helping … and sharing with others !

Towards more love – $1 only

one one one ...

There are so many who would love to make a difference by helping others in the proper way, by empowering others.

But we can, at times, be held back by the costs involved … perhaps we’re not sure if we can spare the funds … the time … or even the effort owing to responsibilities at home or at work.

Okay. That’s understandable.

Now what if you could …

  1. Help little children
  2. with their nutritional and educational requirements
  3. within ……………………. ONE minute or two !
  4. with just ………………… $1 !

Yes. That’s all the contribution we’re requesting

One …. Dollar, Euro, Rupee … just ONE unit of your local currency !

Just $1 ? Yes !

Imagine if each person in … your country, city or street …  contributed just ONE towards these little ones… what a huge difference it would make !

Here’s what we suggest:

  • Donate ONEdollar…

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Announcement: Love Centers now open… worldwide!


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Welcome to … 28 Love Energy Centers ….. around the world !

Love Centers in ….. Bermuda, Canada, France India, Malta, Scotland,South Africa and USA…. 

….. now offer a variety of Love Energized snacks, body & home care products! Each Love Center specializes in certain Love Energized food and beauty products depending on its location and culture of that country.

Love Centers also offer Love Energy Healings to help one lead a healthy and love energized life!

There are life changing Love Energy Classes to help you reach your spiritual potential and discover spiritual truths that you may have been seeking.

Did you know….. that Autistic children are naturally enlightened? ……. Or that the energy of Love … Unconditional Love … is what enables humans to continuously evolve … yes…. continuously … every day … emotionally and mentally … IF one chooses to work with the energy of Unconditional Love. Evolution is a choice!

Contact your nearest Love Center to learn more: http://www.loveenergycenters.org/love-centers/

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading.

This Thanksgiving … Give Thanks for the ELDERLY !


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This Thanksgiving… Give thanks for the ELDERLY in your area !

They are our link to a… Gentler… Cleaner… more Honorable… way of life.

Write them little notes of … Appreciation !

Bring them Comfort with these heavenly Beeswax Salves … for RELIEF from aches & pains…for restful sleep … for help breathing: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/sacred-healing-salves/

Choose from among these Beautiful Love Energized Crystal Bracelets: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/soul-lover-teraphim/

And pack them all into one of these … Gorgeous Reversible Pouches!

Soul Lover Teraphim Pouches

Let the elderly know they are … RESPECTED … APPRECIATED… VALUED!!!

Thanks for reading!

Why humans… not plants or animals … are subject to the consequences of their karma


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Karmic dues … pertain to humans … not animals, plants. Why?

Because humans are special …. How?

Only humans … have the power… to Self Evaluate.

And the … Karmic Dues System … keeps us on track … towards… where?

Learn More: http://www.merkaba.org/emotional-body/

Incidentally, the term “karma” just means actions.

Butt-kicker Karmic Consequences Come Into Play… Even When You Harm Yourself.


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Karma is not about a vengeful god punishing you for your misdeeds.

Karma literally means “actions”. Actions have consequences. Nothing woo-woo about that. Karmic consequences unfold as karma is carried out.

Children become familiar with the laws of the physical world … gravity, fire, germs and so on … as they grow up. Unavoidable. You can’t say “I’m not going to grow up and walk on my own. I want to be carried.”

But … humans are not just physical beings … humans have a spiritual aspect. So there are laws governing this spiritual aspect.

Karma and karmic consequences pertain to the laws of our spiritual nature.

Karmic consequences are about … helping us grow spiritually. Unavoidable. You can’t say “I’m not going to grow up.

Karmic consequences are about … taking responsibility for our less-than-enlightened choices… about moving forward with… greater maturity and … greater LOVE.

Good people often say … I have never harmed another! So why me?

But what of the harm we do to ourselves through our own unhealthy choices?

Example: When we go about doing things for others because we want to be liked… holding on to our low self esteem and ego … encouraging others to depend on us … or exploit us …. oops! See how we can end up harming others, the environment we live in ?

Any action that is motivated by an unhealthy attitude… will have a karmic consequence that will … push you to release this unhealthy attitude … something that will probably feel like a kick in the butt!

So… dear good people …. instead of asking “Why me?” … suppose you try asking … “How can I do better… what can I change?

So how do we spot unhealthy attitudes?

Here is an example to help you get started… if you’re interested: Anger towards parents .. blaming them for our experiences… yes … unhealthy! Why? Listen to GA RA and ZA RA’s Truth About Karma and Reincarnation… Do the cleansing Fire Ceremony. http://www.merkaba.org/love-energy-recordings/

Love yourself …start living a more mature life … Do these Self Healing Techniques: A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness. http://www.merkaba.org/love-energy-recordings/

Thanks for reading.

Hanging out in the “survival zone”of the brain ? Oops.


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Have you been hanging out in the… “survival zone”… of the brain? Oh boy.

That area … where you do all your…  comparing, competing, analyzing?

How often ? All the time? …… Super risky.

Lays the seeds of … anxiety, panic, worry, nervousness. ……. How Come ?

Ego… fear… both… live in the same area… the animal survival instinct driven primitive brain.

Visit one often enough … the other not too far. ……… Solution?

Spend more time in the “NO FEAR ZONE”.

Frequent your 4th dimensional MIND … via your Third Eye!

You can always compete with YOURSELF ... improve upon yourself … regardless of where others are…. if “self improvement” is the goal.

“Survival of the fittest” is for animals … not enlightened humans!

Get started … be fearless. Learn about the abilities of your third eye.

The “Good Listener” Malady


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Are you a “good listener“… even when you don’t want to be ?

Unable to say NO … for fear of …. offending – hurting others ?

Learn to say …… STOP……. with Love ……………… HOW ?

1. Cleanse this….. “At least, I’m a good listener” …. EGO !
2. Cleanse … Memories of… Self Doubt inducing… events – people – beliefs!
3. Volunteer …. but … MINUS ….. “good person” EGO !

Use the following in Order …. Repeat as Required …. You’ll Know:

1. The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light
2. A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness


Guilt could just be an expression of your EGO


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Guilt … could just be … EGO … about being … a good person

…. the DISCOMFORT … of accepting the truth that …. we are imperfect.

The Answer?  SIMPLE.

a)  Do good deeds … to OFFSET … poor choices.

b)  And …. Resolve … to Correct … unhealthy patterns of behavior.

FREE WILL … PLUS … GOD’s LOVE … is all your need to REPROGRAM yourself.

God is All …… Teacher, Confessor, Healer …. Yes ?

Remove EGO … & … EGO PROGRAMING using:
The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light

Remove GUILT … & … GUILT PROGRAMING using:
A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness

Receive … Mental Clarity … & … Peace with:
1. Sacred Healing Salves
2. God’s Love Filled TERAPHIM:

Thanks for reading.

Suffering all around…. just God’s Will. Really?


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All this suffering … some say … “God’s Will”……… REALLY?

When we GOSSIP about another … is it God’s Will ?

When we enjoy BENDING others to our will … is it God’s Will ?

When we FLATTER for personal gain … is it God’s Will ?

Surely not?

Suppose we stop BLAMING God … & use our God-given FREE WILL… to

Learn more about our God-given Multidimensional Mind: http://www.merkaba.org/activator-classes/

Our actions have consequences… for us … for the whole world… and even “minor” mistakes can have cascading effects.

Remember how things turned out ….. “All For The Want of a Horseshoe Nail”

Thanks for reading.

Human Free Will … Real or Cosmetic ?


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Free Will Choice… unique to humans … to be used for … WHAT?

Is it the freedom to choose between

Clothing brands ? 

This or that toy / gadget ?


or Fads ?

OR Do we apply …. Free Will Choice and …. Choose to…

Evolve … Go forwards … become FREE of our innate animal programing ?
Devolve … Go backwards … stay a SLAVE to our innate animal programing ?
Oscillate … Go 1 step forwards & 1 step backwards … the MIDDLE Path that goes nowhere.

Freedom from suffering … is a Free Will Choice.

Learn HOW:

Thanks for reading.

Sadness …. is super RISKY !


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Sadness …. is super RISKY.

Open wounds … invite germs.

So also …. Sadness … increases… Susceptibility

……. to Harmful influences ….. Negative suggestions.

Know … your own Mind… Protect yourself… Empower others.

1. Knock out ….. that dragging, sinking feeling of sadness ASAP
Use – The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light

2. Protect yourself with Enlightened Equanimity & Mental Clarity Balms:

3. Volunteer … Help others find their own strength !

4. Find your Soul Lover Teraphim: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/soul-lover-teraphim/

5. Say NO to being a tragedy king/queen.

Thanks for reading!

Are you offering your teachers… Spiritual Lip Service ?


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We all have our spiritual guides … those we look to for inspiration, help and healing…. a favorite teacher, a wise neighbor or universally known individuals such as Jesus & Mary Magdalene, Sati & Shiva, Kwan Yin & Guan Shi Yin and so on …

Which of these…. is a true expression……. of Love …. towards our spiritual guides?

1. Words …. saying you believe in someone ……… OR
2. Actions …. following the examples set by them

How do you Love…… your spiritual guides?

Learn how to Respond …. to your ……Spiritual Tests:

Thanks for reading.

Are Your Emotional Germs Infecting Others ?


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So you ensure…. your cold-cough-infections … do not spread to others. Great!

BUT … what about your ….. anger-sadness-fear ?

We also need to ensure… our Emotional Germs don’t… spread to others.


WASH – DISINFECT – HEAL … Each Painful Episode … using:

Get Healthy – Stay Healthy ….. it’s the RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO !

Need Help Getting Started ?  Write: firstaidforemotions at gmail dot com

Bullying Help for … Kids and Adults!


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Disinfect … Repair … Build Immunity ... like you would … with any other wound!


1. Use this easy pain-removal technique

2. Use this balm to PREVENT ….. fear/anger/sadness
Name: Enlightened Equanimity

3. Go EMPOWER another … feel the JOY! Just try!

Each Sacred Healing Salve for Breathing is created by infusing the huge amounts of Unconditional Love Energies, generated in 7 ancient ceremonies, directly into an ancient formula of natural ingredients resulting in Sacred Beeswax, sacred… Read more about this and a lot more:   http://www.merkaba.org
Need help using these techniques ?
Write: firstaidforemotions AT gmail DOT com
Thanks for reading!

Brain “Stuff” Got You Down ? …… Meet Your Bodyguard


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Brain stuff …

  • … feelings of hopelessness
  • … exhausting internal commentary
  • … what if this or that bad thing happens?
  • … endless comparisons and feelings of inferiority
  • … wanting to be liked, worrying about being disliked

Mind stuff …

  • LOVE

Your Mind is your Bodyguard.

FIND … your …. MIND … connection.

Work with it. 


STEP 1.  http://www.merkaba.org/free-love-energy-technique/

STEP 2.  http://www.merkaba.org/workshops/

A Choice.

Thanks for reading.

I’m only human………… Only?


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The words “I’m only human” tend to pop up now and then, usually in conjunction with behavior that leans towards the inappropriate … irritation, jealousy, impatience, anxiety, greed, vengeful-ness …  the list goes on.

So….  is this what it means to be human?  To be given to unsavory emotional states?

What then separates humans from animals ? Why not say “I’m only animal” … at these times… when we lose our emotional balance?

One doesn’t see animals applying their minds towards attaining Enlightenment.

How often do we see humans consciously working towards Enlightenment ?

This innate capacity for multi-level Enlightenment … that’s what sets humans apart from other animals.

Being animal is automatic and requires no effort.

Being Human is a GIFT and a great privilege.

So the next time you hear someone say “I’m only human.” you might like to help them consider what they are throwing away.

Has the Soul/Mind become a vestigial organ?

The Legendary 144,000 : A meeting point for eastern & western religions


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The number 144,000 appears in the spiritual/religious texts of both eastern and western religions as well as legends of indigenous people around the world.

What does this number signify? 

Here is an interesting article from http://www.144000.org about a special group of love oriented people who volunteered 10,000 years ago to help humanity.

Some of you might see yourselves described in this article.


The Legendary 144,000
This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

The energies of Unconditional Love awaken memories in members of the 144,000 who are mentioned in the scriptures of eastern and western religions as well as in the legends of indigenous people around the world. The 144,000 are an elite group of love oriented Unity Consciousness level Enlightened volunteers who came here 10,000 years ago to help humanity.

We of the 144,000 who have awakened seek those who came here with us. We who have awakened our past life memories stored in our permanent Emotional Bodies seek those who wish to awaken their memories and complete their mission. We who have awakened can tell you the truth about our group, information that has been suppressed for thousands of years by religious zealots and their book burnings.

In today’s world, many people are surprised to learn that the Bible’s famous “144,000” is a group of individuals who, as the “Chosen Ones” are included in the legends and religious scriptures of people around the world. The 144,000 are specifically mentioned in India’s “Ramayana,” which is a religious scripture and document of wisdom that is far older than the Bible.

The 144,000 came here 10,000 years ago to help humanity, but most importantly, we came to pass a series of spiritual tests during 10 incarnations in human physical bodies. We were given an amazing opportunity to use Unconditional Love Energies in a new way and Ascend 2 dimensional levels of Conscious Awareness in a mere 10,000 years

Full Article Here:  http://www.the144000.org/articles/the-legendary-144000.htm

Thanks for reading!

Help for Parents of Enlightened Autistic Children


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Hello All,

Here is an interesting article about the naturally enlightened awareness of Autistic children …. with information that parents can use …. to help their children and themselves.


An excerpt:

“Autism is a word that describes those special children who are born with the spiritually advanced state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment. Any parent of an autistic child can tell you how special they are, because of the amount of love that naturally radiates from an autistic child.

Enlightenment is a super normal state of Conscious Awareness that from birth gives autistic children the ability to hear other people’s thoughts, feel other people’s emotions and see in daily activity, that which other people only see in their dreams.

Thus, to parents of Enlightened autistic children, we Enlightened Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Healers and Teachers offer to you our wisdom and assistance to help you understand the sounds, feelings and sights that are perceived and experienced each day by your super normal children. ”

Thanks for reading.



Relief … for all loving, service oriented people


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For all loving, service oriented people ….. who wonder

….  if there is anything at all to look forward to

…. in a world infected

…. with greed, depression & revenge oriented thinking.

A video . ……………with a message of relief:

How do you feel ?

Thanks for reading and watching.

Fun Super Healing: Fully – Finally – Free … addictions, anxiety, anger & depression … e-book, dances, visualization. Do try!


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Hello All,

I’d like recommend this cool self help combo – an e-book and – and 2 incredibly effective, guided self help techniques recordings … that allow one to immediately implement the information provided in the e-book.

Take a look!

1. It is Your Life – Bliss, Happiness, Unhappiness, Boredom or Depression – It is Your Choice

This book comes in 3 e-formats.

Here’s a list of chapters:

  • It is A Choice – Bliss, Depression or Boredom
  • Happiness & Unhappiness
  • Depression & Possession
  • The Power of Love
  • The Destructiveness of Self Anger
  • Addictions are a Choice
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Only God is Perfect
  • How to Easily Repay Karmic Debts
  • Equanimity Technique
  • The Dance of Love and Light
  • Solar Meditation
  • Karma Mantra Yoga
  • True Forgiveness Techniques.


2. The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light

Here are a few excerpts from the description:

“This recording contains an easy to learn visualization movement meditation”

“Also describes how one can remove the painful emotionally charged energies surrounding the memories associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, so one is able to regain their happiness in life.”

Learn More: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/ah-yah-ah-dance-of-love-and-light/


3. A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness

Here are a few excerpts from the description:

“Enjoy a series of ancient guided Love Energized Meditations that enable you to “breath in” life force enhancing Love oriented “negative ions” and “breathe out” illness producing “positive ions”.

Learn the ancient and modern reasons precisely why forgiving oneself, and others, in the proper way, leads to better health, Inner Peace and Enlightenment.”

“Learn how to remove weaknesses from your DNA”

Discover the ancient wisdom that you knew everything about your parents and childhood before you incarnated into your present body, as a baby.”

Learn More: http://store.loveenergytechniques.org/a-new-way-to-forgiveness-inner-peace-and-happiness/


The e-book and the recordings make a fantastic gift for all those who have suffered any kind of trauma – short term or long term – or are battling challenges involving ……. addictions, anxiety attacks, depression, self doubt, unexplained fears, confused thinking, over thinking, fatigue, procrastination, phobia, unhealthy habits, so they can:

– recover …. the Joy they had, naturally, as a child
– rebuild …. their life from a position of strength and clarity and
– prevent …. a variety of debilitating emotional states from re-occurring.

As the book says … these are Free Will Choices we make.

Thanks for reading.

The Third Eye Test: Where has normal human ESP gone?


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Here’s an idea:        Extra Sensory Perception …. is NORMAL.

It is a state of expanded awareness … beyond the limitations of our animal bodies.

It is not a WOO WOO attribute.  Movies and TV shows are not the best source of enlightenment.

Extra Sensory Perception is a spiritual attribute.

Ever seen how mothers just “know” what their kids are going through? At least they used to.

So why don’t we see more instances of this expanded awareness called ESP?

Read on …  if you’d like to learn why ….. and the way to recover and strengthen your ESP abilities.

Click this link: http://www.merkaba.org/3rd-eye-test/

NOTE that …

  1. ESP …. like any other ability ….. is to be used – to help one grow and become a better person – to help others in the proper way by empowering them – to discover our full spiritual potential as individuals and as a species.
  2. ESP…. like any other ability….. is not meant to be used as a form of entertainment or a source of power over others.

Let’s evolve.

Thank you for reading.

Soul Lover Teraphim … and Humanity’s Evolution to the Next Level


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I’d like to share something I recently learnt about, regarding Soul Lover Teraphim.

A way for humanity to evolve to the next level.

What are Soul Lover Teraphim ?

Here’s an excerpt from the original source. Take a look!


Something new has arisen in that part of Africa that is the birthplace of humanity’s temporary physical bodies and the birthplace of Humanity’s permanent Minds, or Souls. Conditional Love is a temporary 3rd dimensional energy that connects one to others in human physical bodies. However, the multidimensional permanent energies of Unconditional Love connect one to the Minds, or Souls, of other Human Emotional Bodies.

Our unique Soul Lover Teraphim, after several ancient ceremonies, enables and empowers one to wear the wondrous healing energies of Unconditional Love in the form of a bracelet on one’s arm, or in a pendant over one’s Higher Heart Spiritual Energy Center.

Each Soul Lover Teraphim is hand crafted and hand assembled. Soul Lover Teraphim contain special Crystal Teraphim that were hand selected for their healing attributes and/or comforting self help abilities. Each Soul Lover Teraphim is fully infused with vast quantities of Unconditional Love from two ancient ceremonies performed in an ancient part of Africa using ancient Philosopher’s Stones.

Read More Here:  http://www.merkaba.org/wearable-healing-love-energies/

To evolve or not to evolve  … is a Choice.   A Free Will Choice.

Thanks for reading.

Good News for Soldiers Seeking to Recover from PTSD – At Home, On Their Own, Very Inexpensively


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It is a fact that soldiers who return from war do so with a variety of traumatic experiences.

These traumatic experiences take a terrible toll on a soldier’s physical, cognitive and emotional health.

The stigma attached to this type of suffering makes it difficult for soldiers to seek help.

And things get worse and worse – for the soldier and his/her family members.

Further the cost of treatment can place a limit on the number of soldiers receiving treatment with treatment being reserved for the “most serious” cases.

What about the rest… the so called “minor cases”. Where do they seek help?

As for the “serious cases” … can their treatment be made more effective, more rapid, less expensive?

Here is a self-healing toolkit for soldiers wanting to recover from PTSD – no matter what the “size” of the trauma – applied in the privacy of their homes – without having to rely on others for help – without spending a large amount of money.

1. Mental Clarity Salve – A Sacred Healing Salve, a powerful yet gentle balm that does exactly what the name suggests. Use it everyday, frequently to free yourself from erratic thoughts, confusion, fear (imagined or real) and susceptibility to triggers that cause past traumatic experiences to be recalled/relived. Cost: $26

2. Breathing Salve – A Sacred Healing Salve for help with shallowness of breath, palpitations and breathing difficulties, in general. Can be used anytime but highly beneficial if used at bedtime. Cost: $26

3. Serenades of Love – A recording of Sacred Healing music filled with Love Energized sounds. To be used while applying the Mental Clarity salve as well as the Breathing salve. This combination of the Serenades of Love and the Sacred Healing Salves induces a deep relaxation of the body and the mind. Good to play at bedtime, on repeat for help with insomnia. Play whenever you need to relax. Download Cost: $9

And finally … a Healing Powerhouse, the likes of which you have never experienced. Never. Period.

4. A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness – An approximately 2 hour guided meditation consisting of techniques that
a) DISSOLVE pain, fear, anger, regret into smaller and smaller bits – each time you play the recording and follow the techniques described
b) Greatly MAGNIFY the HAPPINESS and JOY within you – each time you play the recording and follow the techniques described
c) Bring lasting healing so you can be healthy and productive
Download Cost $18

For the modest amount of $83 soldiers suffering from PTSD can recover their health, strength and self confidence … in the privacy of their homes … on their own, without depending on anyone.

Please share with soldiers who would benefit from this help.

TIP: Stress, in its many forms, is an unfortunate feature of the world today. These healing Love Energized recordings and Sacred Healing Salves are an excellent solution for ANYONE who wants to recover their full health and happiness.

Thank you for reading and sharing with those in need!